WE MADE IT! (mostly) Thank you everyone for all the support this Summer. It has been a record season. Although we fell short of our fundraising goal, we have gotten close enough and made a few deals to start installing projectors! We will not be able to do everything we wanted and in the next year or so there will be additional upgrades, so we will continue to need your support.
Again, thank you.

The Owners
Steve Thompson and Marcya and Grant Grudzina

We love movies, pure and simple.

We are pleased to introduce Dubuque's independent theater to our community. We know it's not always possible to see the great films outside of the studio system released each year. The foreign films that are causing a stir. The critically acclaimed but small studio films that don't play on multiplex screens long, if ever. The classic movies that were always best on the big screen but have not been accessible that way in years. In short, the movies you love but don't see ads for on television.

But we are so much more than just an independent theater. Mindframe is a home for cultural events of many kinds. Live theatrical performances, private parties, concerts and everything else your heart and mind can conjure.