Have your event at Mindframe Theaters!

Mindframe Theaters make a great place to hold private events from fantastic parties for kids or adults to live music, theatrical performances, speaking engagements, professional workshops and church services. Our theaters seat up to 319 people! Great for any size event! We have banquet tables, smaller tables and chairs available if needed. Contact us today to book your next event. We can accommodate most last minute needs.

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Make your reservation now by contacting us at mindframetheaters@hotmail.com

*Please include date, time, rate and concessions choices in your email.

**Please remember to figure in any needed set up/decorating time in your reservation time frame as you will only have access to the room for the times you indicate and reserve for.

Concession Party Packages

All tickets must be purchased separately.

Little Kids Package

  • 10 Kids Packs
  • Guaranteed seating
  • Party table in the lobby

Junior Party Package

  • 10 Junior popcorns and sodas
  • Guaranteed seating
  • Party table in the lobby

Oscar Nominated Party Package

  • 10 Small popcorns and sodas
  • 3 Candy items to share
  • Guaranteed seating
  • Party table in the lobby

A-List Party Package

  • 10 Medium popcorns and sodas
  • 4 Candy items to share
  • Guaranteed seating
  • Party table in the lobby

Super Star Party Package

  • 10 Large popcorns and sodas
  • 5 Candy items to share
  • Guaranteed seating
  • Party table in the lobby

Theater Rental FAQ

When can I rent a theater?

Morning rentals are available all year round

All morning rentals must conclude by 11:30am

  • Any morning 7am - 11:30am, 7 days a week
  • After midnight rentals are available
Evening rentals are only available during the specific date ranges
Aug 20 - Nov 11, Jan 2 - summer break
  • Monday or Tuesday evenings after 6pm
  • After midnight rentals are available

What would it cost to rent a theater?

 The rental cost depends on two factors:

  1. whether you want to bring in your own movie or watch one of our current films.
  2. whether you want to buy concessions from us or bring in your own food.

Basic theater rental (bring in your own movie)

  • $50/hr - You bring in a DVD or wireless gaming system (PS3 or Xbox360) and watch or play on the giant movie screen.
  • $70hr - If you bring in outside food or beverage for your party.

Theater rental with private showing (watch a current film)

  • $50/hr plus $6/person - If your party wishes to watch one of our current movies rather than a DVD.  
  • $70/hr plus $6/person - If you bring in outside food or beverage for your party.

Other details to be aware of

  • All rentals are a 2 hour minimum. After 2 hours, we do pro-rate down to 30 minute increments.
  • Birthday cake is not considered "outside food". You will not be charged the higher rate for your cake (cupcakes, big cookie, etc). 
  • "Goody bags" containing snack food/candy are considered outside food.

Are deposits required?

  • Deposits are now required for all rentals.
  • A deposit of the full rental fee must be received seven days prior for all evening rentals. This deposit is non-returnable for cancellations with less than 72 hours notice.

What are my options for concessions?

Unlimited Popcorn & Soda (This option is only available for theater rental events)

  • We will provide your party with a giant tub of popcorn in the theater and keep it full for you! You and your guests scoop as much, or as little, as you want in the bags we provide. Your guests will have unlimited soda refills at the concessions counter.
  • $4 / head
  • Every person is included in the head count (guests, hosts, chaperones, etc)
  • We will do a final headcount during your event (counting every person) to determine your final cost.

Other Ideas

  • $3 Kids Packs (for groups of 10 or more)
  • Purchase from our regular menu, a la carte
  • Pizzas are available for $12 each
  • Party packages  - see sidebar 
How do I make a reservation?

Please email mindframetheaters@hotmail.com with:

  • your date, 
  • the time you want to begin and end, 
  • and any concessions choices.  
  • (Please be sure to include any set up/decorating time you want in your rental time.)

We will email you back with a confirmation.